China means huge potential and profitability to almost every business. To untapped it, you have to start connecting with Chinese social platforms, through which you will be able to interact and engage with your target audiences. Among all online marketing solutions, Sina Weibo is definitely a vital part of your ‘go-to-China-and-earn-RMB’ plan.

Sina Weibo, the Chinese micro-blogging giant, is no doubt the greatest social platform in China, with 1 member in every 2 Chinese Internet users nowadays. With the rising application of mobile devices, Sina Weibo accounts for 85% of the daily total micro-blogging time, and 60% of its users login via wireless network.

Businesses looking to explore Chinese market must have presence on Sina Weibo. They do not only need an “Entreprise Weibo Page”, but also advertising appear at the right place and right time, as well as applications to attract users’ attention and engage them. Furthermore, you have to keep track of your performance, by digging into reports and data, to see how you may adjust your online marketing strategies.

Sina Weibo enables businesses to use a wide variety of applications, to achieve different kinds of marketing purposes. From Invite Friend App, Coupon App, Product Catalog App to many others, Sina Weibo is already very well developed (and also very much like Facebook), that it acts as a marketing platform, and provides different tools for you to do business.

Just like the marketing you do on Facebook (if you still haven’t, DO IT NOW!), marketing on Sina Weibo is interactive, engaging, and effective. There are already billions of people using it daily, why not take advantage of it?