Mobile Shopping Cart

Mobile commerce is undoubtedly an uprising trend in the business world, and will soon be the dominant one. That is why we cooperate with PayPal, to develop a mobile shopping system, which aims to smoothen the mobile shopping process, to further encourage your customers to buy from you through mobile.

From the statistics below, we can see Hong Kong consumers are spending increasingly more through mobile devices, and the trend is just unstoppable. There is no way you could oversee the business potential in it.

pic 1

If you are in the fashion industry, there is one more reason for you to get into mobile business right away:

pic 2

The fashion industry is getting the most benefits from mobile commerce among all, Hong Kong people are spending huge amount of money on fashion items through mobile, and they are likely to spend even more in the future.

The shopping system we co-develop with PayPal is fully customized for mobile devices. It can be operated easily on mobile screen without the need to re-size it, and the whole transaction process can be completed within just a few clicks.

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Mobile Shopping Cart Features

Our mobile shopping cart system can be accessed through all platforms:

  1. Mobile device
  2. Facebook
  3. Website

This all-around accessibility provides your customers with ease to shop.

QR Code
It is the easiest and quickest way to go to your mobile store. Scan the code, select products, and then pay. This simple process enables customers to finish the whole transaction within the shortest possible time, hence encourages them to shop more.
Easy Access
An Internet browser is all you need to access online shopping cart (at most you need an OR code reader if you connect via QR code). No specific app is needed, which saves customers’ time and effort in entering your store and spend money.
We deliver everything you need for a complete shopping cart, in a few days of time! We are experienced in building shopping carts with complete functions, from user-friendly product setup, to secure payment system. We have all of these set in our system, and are ready at your service.
PayPal Channel Partner
We are Paypal’s only channel partner in Hong Kong, which means we can provide you with the following exclusive benefits:

  • a)  2.7% Commission Rate

Instead of 3.4% commission rate others charge you, we charge only 2.7%, which can be a significant difference for your profit.

  • b)  CS Manager

Tired of dialing customer service hotline, and fail to get any help? You will find the perfect solution at fMarketing. PayPal will arrange customer service manager to serve each of our clients, whom you can reach directly without the need to wait at the phone for nothing.

Buyer Protection
Customers’ trust in you is the key to your business; more confident customers mean more business for you. PayPal delivers the most secure online money transfer service, and is one of the most trusted names in the world. With its full support, your customers can shop at your online store without concerning security issue.