iphone app

Location Based Service (LBS)

  • One of the more popular features of iPhone applications is the use of LBS telling the user exactly where the user is and activities going on around the area. App developers are now able to utilize the tool of location based service to offer unique and tailor-made customizations to better target customers and your companies’ products or services.

Facebook and Check-in

  • With the aid of LBS, another trend that is also occurring on iPhone & iPods is the use of Check-ins and being able to do different e-marketing activities with this feature.

Best-selling smartphone

  • iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy  4S remains the hardest to find and best-selling smartphone in Hong Kong with prices ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 more than its retail price. Our company bridges your business with e-marketing activities in this high demand and high usage iPhone market.

App Store & Google Play

  • If you thought Facebook reaching over 200 million users in less than a year was shocking, then Apple’s Apps Store downloads reaching 2 billion hits in merely 9 months should be considered devastating. As of 2011, the Apple App Store has hit $2 billion USD and is expected to hit $38 billion by 2015. Over 80% of global mobile applications revenue belongs to Apple’s App Store.