Forums are important information sources and discussion platforms for “netizens”; forum seeding is to take advantage of discussions on forums, to do promotional penetration. Its interactive nature makes it a more efficient way to reach the general public than traditional marketing.


Detailed Analysis
To achieve largest and most effective marketing result, we do detailed analysis for your business, to understand all the characteristics of your products and services, and then customize unique forum seeding strategies for you.
Strategic Resource Allocation
“Right Content in the Right Place” is critical to the success of forum seeding, so we promote in different forums according to your business and product nature. We are experienced and knowledgeable about all the features of different local forums, and we are confident that we can pick the right ones for you.
Creative Content
Creativity and fun are the keys to win online. Through creating imaginative and funny topics, attention can be easily drawn onto you. We are deep into the local forum culture: using eye-catching pictures and diversified elements, to add attractiveness thus value to your promotion.
Precise Time Allocation
There are ups and downs in Internet traffic, so correct timing is vital to a successful forum seeding promotion. Your content will appear in eye-catching positions throughout peak times, to ensure they reach the largest possible number of netizens.