Every business needs online marketing, so does yours. We do all sorts of online marketing, and aim to helping you achieve viral marketing effect through tailor-made advertising campaign.

Facebook Advertising

The world’s largest social platform, is of course where you should advertise. Our expertise in Facebook marketing enables you to reach target audiences in the most effective way.

We do different kinds of Facebook advertising, including the followings:
i) Standard Ad
ii) Page Ad
iii) Event Ad
iv) Page Post Ad
v) Sponsored Story
vi) App Ad
vii) Promoted Post Ad

Among all, Promoted Post Ad is our hero product. Here is the reason:

Put it simple, Promoted Post Ad is to use our fan pages to promote your product. This sounds easy, but its effectiveness totally depends on the number of fans we have.

Below is just one of our many fan pages, you can see that we can reach the friends of our 36,000 fans, which counts more than 10 million people!


Besides the huge base, we can also do precise targeting, by segmenting them according to age, gender and interests, so we can place your advertisement to specific segments precisely, thus minimize advertising budget wastage on unwanted audiences.

Other Advertising

Whatsapp is the most commonly used instant messaging tool nowadays, while WeChat is gaining popularity gradually, both representing huge marketing potential waiting for you to explore. You can send your messages in forms of text, images or even videos, this high diversity results in a 90% open rate!
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Google and Yahoo remain the most popular information searching tools, and the most sought-after advertising platforms.
Email Direct Marketing (EDM)
The most economical way to do mass advertising, bringing your promotional messages to a large number of target audiences at a relatively low cost.
Sina Weibo / RenRen
Sina Weibo and RenRen are the ideal advertising channels for businesses targeting at the China market. We help you advertise on these social platforms, just as professional as what we do on Facebook.
Yahoo Search Marketing Agency
  • #1 searched site in Hong Kong

Unlike other countries, Yahoo remains the number #1 search engine in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Hong Kong citizens like how Yahoo provides the convenience of browsing through important and up-to-date news right at the main page of Yahoo. The main page of Yahoo contains other useful content to make it one of the most convenient pages to browse, navigate, and obtain the most amount of useful information.

  • Exclusive Discounts

Around 5% less cost than advertising through Yahoo directly.

  • Manage Your Own Account

Review, manage and control your own Yahoo Advertising account.

  • Sponsored Advertising

Have your company advertise and be seen on the #1 browsed site.